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    We are here to help you. To provide you with design solutions that work for you. Powerful ideas that help your brand rise above the noise. Convey what your brand truly stands for and the value it provides to the user. Let’s talk.

    Cenhouse Design

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    Cenhouse Design is a marketing design studio located in Toronto Canada.

    Our passion is providing businesses with fresh, innovative design solutions that deliver their message, their promise; to the eyes that see it and the heart that feels it.

    Design solutions that help your brand stand out and be heard above the all the digital noise and clamor. Differentiate your brand from the competition, exceed expectations, add value and grow business.

    Cenhouse Design has provided graphic design services directly and in association with other creative agencies. For healthcare providers and pharmaceuticals companies in the therapeutic areas of: psychiatry, oncology, neurology, respiratory and optometry.

    Also health and beauty aids consumer products and services. Big Brand stores selling consumer goods & services, manufactures and distributors of household goods and building materials. Cultural organizations: museums, performing art centers, charities and nonprofit groups.

    Cenhouse Design’s graphic design marketing services include: marketing videos, brand development, print advertising and web design. Specifically: strategic brand development (including brand name & logo design), graphic design, web design, copy writing, packaging design, direct mail campaigns and project management. With expertise in B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer) and Healthcare Pharmaceutical marketing communications.

    Cenhouse Design animated marketing videos can be short: 15-30 seconds. Most are one to two minutes plus, that combine custom animations, visuals, audio, and messaging to create powerful and effective videos sales meeting, product promotion, multimedia sales presentations, or social media campaigns. Our animated marketing videos are a crucial part of any business’s B2B or B2C communications process and help convey key messages to consumers, clients, and other target audiences. They are especially effective for adding the “wow” factor at corporate marketing events and symposiums and new product launches.